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This is an absolute travesty. On the very same day that DirecTV and Time Warner officially end discussions to share the broadcasting rights of my beloved Bums, is the first Dodgers home game to be blacked out on MLB.TV. These people should be thrown in jail. You can’t take away our right to watch our LOCAL team! I right now have access to 29 teams, 29+ different broadcasts both nationally and regionally and NOT ONE is the Los Angeles Dodgers. I am helpless. I am in a contract with DirecTV. Which apparently does not care about providing a loyal customer with the only service that he insisted on getting cable/satellite for…live baseball.

I envy those not enthused by sports. They live perfectly happy lives with NetFlix, Roku, and Hulu+, and never have to deal with the greedy TV providers. Simply because the money involved is sports broadcasting is too astronomical to even be touched by these other services. The cable/satellite companies got me by the balls. Just like 76/Mobile/Chevron, AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, Chase/Wells Fargo/BofA, and GM/Ford/Chrysler. This collusion is really starting to hit home and affect my well-being. (Yes,my ability to watch live sports falls under “Well-being”).

Look, I don’t know who is at fault here. I know that we went through this with the Lakers in 2012 and they got it figured out. I know that this TV deal is a huge reason why the Dodgers are enjoying this MLB leading $235 million payroll. And I DirecTV is whom I pay for this particular service so they had better figure this out or GET OUT of Southern California!

The Dodgers are losing 8-0 to the rival giants in the third inning of their home opener. Matt Kemp’s first game in forever +1 day, Puig was removed from the lineup due to tardiness. Two errors have already been committed by ‘dem Bums and to top it all off…I CAME HOME EARLY FROM WORK TO WATCH IT! I NEED to watch this game. My MLB.TV had been working for all the Dodgers’ “away” games, even in Australia. So, basically, to add insult to injury, this is now costing me $24.99 for HALF the Dodgers games in April. Would I pay $49.99 to get the home broadcasts included? Yes, without blinking. That’s the saddest and most frustrating part. It’s the fact that there’s nothing I can do.

And here is where is sit…blogging….watching the Red Sox…as a victim.


Girls Only, jk kinda!
Bo knows…

Bo knows…

Perfect for those LA freeways #bike #crotchrocket #Dodgers #LA #MisterElLay #motorcycle #badass #bobbleheads #ILoveLA  (Taken with Instagram)

Perfect for those LA freeways #bike #crotchrocket #Dodgers #LA #MisterElLay #motorcycle #badass #bobbleheads #ILoveLA (Taken with Instagram)

Kobe-Bynum Connection

Watching Kobe help develop this young man has truly been a pleasure. Just in terms of focus, Bynum has learned a lot from the Black Mamba. He has that warrior look in his eye and you can tell that he has really begun to figure out the league.

As long as Bynum keeps his eyes open and his head (and hands) up he will realize his potential and become the best Center in the NBA. Especially after Dwight Howard guts a team to be traded to and becomes irrelevant ;)

Cry-baby Clippers

Seriously, how many cheap-shots and sucker-punches can we expect from the Red-headed step-child we call the Clippers?

Lakers vs. Clippers Half Time Report

You want the ball Pau? Then you better go out there and get some! And he has. I have been watching Pau for a long time and like a lot of other Die Hard Lakers Fans I can tell when his head is in the game. And tonight is the first time I have seen it since Bynum’s return.

The Clips are playing well. Not just the individual efforts of Griffin and Butler early on but 10 assist on 18 made field goals shows that they are gelling which they will have to keep up if they want to hold onto this slim 2 point halftime lead.

The Lakers have not scored 100 points in 11 straight games so seeing them with 49 at the half is a good sign. But if I am the Clippers I would use every foul I have to send Bynum to the line. He just can’t get above 50%.

Personal notes:

I LOVE it when Metta gets crazy!

Put in that Goudelock kid and give Kobe some rest!

That dunk that Griffin had when Pau thought he double-dribbled and was caught out of position was SICK! Gotta love a mid-air, double-clutch, slam-dunk! Sorry Drew.

QB Contracts

Is it possible that Matt Flynn gets more money per year AND more years than Alex Smith? That would be crazy. I know starting QBs are crucial, critical and hard to come by, but how much money would a team be willing to spend on a guy with one good game against the Lions?

And speaking of Alex Smith, who will be the nonsensical organization to out-bid the 49ers for the playoff QB? I’m NOT saying that he isn’t worth a contract. But what I AM saying is that the 49ers are NOT stupid enough to give this guy 5yrs/80 million. He is a formidable QB RIGHT NOW. And IN THIS SYSTEM he is worth an average QB salary but I’m not sure so sure if he goes somewhere else. And if another team DOES steal Smith away from the Niners then look for them to make a move for Peyton.

Moving on…

If the Broncos make no mistake about it: if the Broncos find something better the WILL cut Tim Tebow. They could cut him for $5 million which is chump-change. Teams are smarter than fans. If Robert Griffin isn’t drafted by the Browns or Redskins or Dolphins then the Broncos would be stupid to stick with Tebow.

Peyton will never take another snap as a Colt. Period. Quote me on that.